7 Legit Ways to Drive Website Traffic from Email Marketing

by Mayank · Posted on Jul 19, 2023

How to increase traffic through emails? This is one of the basic questions every business owner wants to know today. After all, it is all about making money from online media in this digital era. If you want to know how to get traffic to your website fast, I suggest you try email marketing today without giving any second thoughts.

Email marketing is the cheapest way to drive traffic to your website. Even Google certifies this very fact. The number of global email users in 2020 was an astounding 4 billion, which is predicted to touch 4.6 billion within the next five years.

In the forthcoming sections, we will look at some of the legit ways to drive website traffic from email marketing. Before we dive deep into further details, let us first understand the term email traffic.

Definition of Email Traffic

Simply put, email traffic showcases the total number of visitors that come to your website through email marketing campaigns.

For instance, imagine your primary objective of running an email marketing campaign is to reach a wide array of target audiences, provide basic information, and convert them into long-time customers. 

This is where the email traffic will let you know whether your campaign has succeeded in its objective.

Email traffic assists your business in deciphering the traffic generated from existing customers and fresh leads. It indicates how well your existing customers and new leads know your business. 

With the help of scrutinizing the email traffic, you can decipher which type of email marketing strategy will be best for you. 

Can Email Marketing Increase Website Traffic? 

To get the most out of your email marketing activities, you will have to develop an engaged email list organically. This is one of the primary steps that will help you get closer to achieving your objective.

Have a Dedicated Blog Section on Your Website

Remember, a visitor will need a medium to communicate with you. This is where it becomes essential as an entrepreneur to create a blog section on your website to drive organic traffic. You can encourage potential customers to join your subscriber list through the blog section.  

Use Your Social Media Pages 

Social media platforms have become highly relevant for businesses in this digital era. You might wonder how to increase website traffic through social media. You can promote your newsletters through an opt-in link on your social media pages. You can do this by adding it in your about me or bio, through the posts you share through your website, or your profile information as a website link.

Provide a Free Ebook or a Free Tool to Build New Subscribers

If you provide something free to your readers, they will likely stick around for a long time. You only need to provide a free eBook or free samples of your best-selling products and ask them to subscribe to your website.

Provide an Incentive for Your Website Visitors to Subscribe to Your Newsletter

Alternatively, you can provide discount coupons or a special coupon code if you are an eCommerce store. According to studies, nearly 60% of customers sign up for an email newsletter when offered something as an incentive. 

Use Website Pop-Ups or Overlay Forms in An Effective Way

According to a survey conducted by Sumo, the average conversion rate for pop-ups like traditional pop-ups, slide-ins, and overlays is roughly 3.09%. But, certain studies showcase that the highest-performing ones averaged 9.28% of the conversion rate.

Here’s why it is important. Certain websites perform extremely well with pop-ups, while others do not. The reason for this is the positioning of the pop-ons on your website.

If it irritates the visitors or does not help them complete the task they want to accomplish when they visit your website, it will make your job even tougher to get a new subscriber. Hence, you must have above-the-fold pop-ups or overlay forms that only become visible once the visitor is about to end their browsing time on your website.

Once you have built an email subscriber list, the next step is finding ways to drive traffic to your website. In the next section, we will look at strategies to drive website traffic through email marketing.

How to Increase Traffic Through Emails

Since you have reached this section of the blog, I can understand your curiosity to know the legit ways to drive website traffic from email marketing. Don’t worry; after reading this section, you will get the answer to the question – How can I increase traffic to my website through email? So let us get started.

Segment Your Email Lists to Get Maximum Clicks

According to a survey conducted by Pure360, email segmentation positively affects deliverables. It enhances the open rate and reduces the amount of unsubscribe rate. 

Additionally, it has been found that segmented email lead nurturing accounts for 58% of revenue and enhanced click-through rates. If you are unaware of the term click-through, it is connoted for traffic generated to your website through a link.

Once you have compiled the list of subscribers by segmenting your email lists, it will help you run targeted ads. By taking into account the basic needs of your visitors, you can make them stay for a pretty long time. Once you can do that, it signals to Google that your site is highly authoritative, and its ranking will increase with time.

Decode the Actual Intention of the Users

You need to find the answer to the question – What makes your readers open your emails? The answer has to be you are providing something valuable to them. The user intent in email marketing can be divided into three parts:

  • Navigational – This is where the user tries to get to a certain section on your site. If that is the case, you have done a great job, so congratulations.
  • Informational – This is where the user is trying to find a piece of information.
  • Transactional – This is when the user plans to buy something or take action on your website online.

Next, craft your email messaging that resonates with your audience. Email marketing campaigns will be more effective if you establish a strong connection by addressing users’ needs.

Devise a User-Focused Marketing Plan 

If you try something in your business without considering a proper marketing plan, it will not reap dividends. There is a reason why you are writing every email. For example, a welcome email is completely different from an abandonment email. 

Here are some of the email campaigns a company can run depending on the objective they want to accomplish:

  • Cart abandonment emails
  • Customer retention emails
  • Newsletters
  • Product or brand promotion emails
  • Seasonal emails
  • Welcome emails

Personalize Each Email 

The digital age we live in today has made competition quite fierce. This is why it’s imperative to personalize your emails with names, remember customers’ birthdays, and send personalized gifts occasionally. This will enhance the click-through rates and increase the website traffic.

Personalization does not end with sending emails addressing your target audience with first names. You can even send customer-specific recommendations based on their time on your website. Alternatively, you can send valuable content related to what they are searching for on your site as a complimentary gift. 

Creating the Right Email Content

Writing email content is crucial to increase organic traffic on your website. This is where you need to think smart and have a convincing opening for your email.

  • Raise curiosity. But do not give false hopes.
  • Write the content clearly and concisely. No fluff.
  • Have a maximum of 20 lines in the content and leave a space for images in between.
  • Add a clear call to action that is above-the-fold area.
  • Never forget to thank your readers at the end of the email.

Create Enticing Subject Lines

You will be surprised to know this, but 35% of users open the email based on the subject line alone. So, if your subject line is not enticing, it can make your potential users leave your email without a click! 

The best way to create enticing subject lines for your email marketing campaign is by following these tips:

  • Always keep your subject lines short and crisp
  • Have multiple subject lines ready and A/B test them
  • Personalize the subject lines depending on the interests of the readers
  • Make the subject lines creative by using a surprise, humor element, or a mind-bobbling statistics

Consider the Industry’s Best Send Times

You need to experiment to learn the best time to send emails. Generally, 8 AM is the best time to send it. The highest click-through rates are at 5 PM, though.

Once you have found ways to drive website traffic from email marketing, it is important to know the different metrics to evaluate its effectiveness.

How can I Increase Traffic to My Website Through Email? 

Here are some metrics that will help you decode email traffic effectively.

  • The best way to track total email traffic is by measuring the traffic generated based on the list of segments or demography. This way, you will get a fair idea of how many people visit your website from your email.
  • With the help of the conversion rate, you get a fair idea of how many of your visitors took action from your email.
  • When you track the click-to-open ratio, you learn how many people open your email without clicking the link. This is one way to decipher whether your email content is effective.
  • Comprehending the behavioral attributes of your visitors will give you a fair idea about their shopping patterns. This will help you draft compelling email content. With the help of Google Analytics, you can decipher the number of visitors coming to your website or how many pages are being visited on average per week.
  • If you notice that your visitors’ bounce rate is very high, it can mean a mismatch between your email’s content and the page it leads to. 

Final Thoughts

I hope now you will know how to increase traffic through emails. Apart from the seven ways mentioned in this write-up, you can leverage automation tools to minimize human errors like muddling up email messages. 

Remember to experiment with many subject lines before zeroing in on the best one for your email marketing campaign. Try different email marketing campaigns until you get the best lead generation and website traffic results.
Always keep in mind: Sending content through emails helps you get more shares and builds more visitors. In turn, it builds your website’s authority, and other sites would backlink to your content, boosting your creditability.

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